Jennifer has a unique gift of writing the emotive and healing stories of men and women of WWII. She has also written and published the only research guides available to help families research WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam military service for all branches. Jennifer has a capacity to help clients process the information discovered through the research process that brings up a variety of emotions as they write their own stories.

Writing Groups

Check out our writing groups and start piecing together your stories. New groups open January 2020 and are available for registration.

The Book Writing Group began January 2020. Next group opens July 2020.

The Short Story Writing Group began January 2020. Next group opens July 2020.

Writing Coach & Facilitator

Are you interested in writing your family or military story? What about your memoir? Would you like to take your writing to a deeper level to create a more meaningful story? I offer one-on-one writing coaching and facilitation in which we explore what you are writing, your research, your questions and observations, and look at the deeper issues that surface.

What can I help you with?

  • See where you are blocked and help remove those blocks.
  • See what is written between the lines in your spoken or written stories, and the documents with which you are working.
  • Define and map out threads of a story and information in your mind or notes to create a writing project plan and book outline.
  • Refine your writing project from concept to draft to finished product.
  • Review research prior to writing the draft. Suggest additional sources if there are gaps.
  • Organize materials and photos.
  • Edit your book.

Would we be a good fit to work together?

To determine if we are a good fit to work together, we would have a short phone call to discuss your writing project targets and timelines. We would discuss the stories you wish to tell and see if we are a fit.

How do we work together?

Our meetings are held by Zoom recorded meeting. If you live in the Chicago area, we can discuss in-person meetings. Each Zoom meeting is recorded and sent to you after our session with action items and notes.

What makes me different from other coaches and facilitators?

  • I hold a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to tell their stories. In this space, I help clients process what comes up emotionally or through the research.
  • I am an empath and medium. I am aware of energies and things others are not.
  • I will ask clients a lot of questions, which may not be easy to answer. The questions take you deeper into yourself and your writing to create a greater story.
  • My point of view is, we are all valuable. We all have a story to tell which may inspire others, teach lessons, and create change in our lives and the lives of others.
  • I have experience providing facilitation for my genealogical and military research clients. Their questions often run deep and contain years of family secrets, silence, and questions. I have the capacity to help them discover the layers of the rest of the story, to understand who their family members are, and who they, the client are, with all this new knowledge.
  • I have written and published more than 20 books of my own in the genealogical and military research fields. Teaching books, story books, and memoir. For my clients, I have written or created and published over 100 books in the last decade.

The sessions are great for people who:

  • Choose to explore their own life and write their story.
  • Are exploring their family or military stories and research.
  • Need help removing the blocks that stand in their way of writing progress.
  • Need help connecting to the energy of what’s possible but are unsure how to get from point A to point B.
  • Choose to write articles or presentations.
  • Choose to write a book.
  • Choose to publish their book.

What will this cost me?

We have starter packages available. For longer support and projects, ask us what is possible. To receive the discount on pricing, you must purchase that package upfront.

1 hour = $150

3 hours = $400 ($50 discount)

5 hours = $600 (1 hour free)

Contact us for information and fees for research, speaking, and writing services.

Client Projects Completed

After the research on an individual or family is complete, clients have the option to have a book written and published. Clients have the option to make a book project private and available only to them, or for sale to the public. These are some of the projects Jennifer has completed.

  • Ancestor family history books from the present to the 1600s. These books feature information on the direct ancestors of an individual.
  • Descendant family history books from the 1600s to the present for all family lines. These books feature all information gathered on a client’s family moving from past to present. Books range from one volume of 100+ pages, to a multi-volume set of 500+ pages per volume.
  • Customized family history books for a client to give specific family members.
  • Biography books. Jennifer writes biographies on individuals for clients and compiles them into a family book.
  • Memoirs. Jennifer helps clients write their memoirs to preserve as part of their family’s history.
  • Military History family book. Jennifer has written military biographies which have then been compiled in a book for a client. This is not limited to World War II research and writing.
  • Photo books. Our team scans and edits photos for clients to create beautiful family history photo books.
  • View Jennifer’s published books.

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