Today, 75 years ago, my cousin James Privoznik was Killed In Action during the Battle of the Bulge.

James Privoznik, right

James entered my life in 2012 after I moved out and was preparing to get a divorce. Raising my boys, creating my business into something more than it was, he was there to help guide me, bring people (both living and dead) into my life to help me shift from a genealogy business to create the military business I run today. He brought some trials into my life to see how strong I was. He brought adventure and travel into my life to walk with me where he served, fought, and died. And he brought love into my life – my now husband Johan arrived in Chicago on the anniversary of James’ death to meet me. The rest is history which you can read in my memoir, I Bring Dead Guys Home.

In the spring of 2015 I went to Europe the first time to walk in James’ footsteps. To fly his final burial flag over the Luxembourg Cemetery where he’s buried. And, to walk in the woods where he was killed. I questioned then, as I do now, how can you love someone so much you never met? I feel that way about James. He had such an impact on my life, long after his death. He remained with me until 2017 before I got married, and asked to be sent to the Light. I did as he requested and helped him cross over. It was a beautiful moment. He does appear now and then, but not like he used to. Our primary journey was complete and we helped each other heal on so many levels.

Jennifer Holik at Luxembourg Cemetery after flying James’ flag

I remember James often and talk about him when I teach, but today especially, I light a candle for him and thank him again for entering my life. For loving me so fully. For bringing me all the people and opportunities that I needed to create what the world required. To help me heal and grow. To help me learn lessons that are still helping me create what the world needs even today. James is a gift that keeps on giving in big and small ways.

Would you like to know more? You can read James’ story in my book Stories of the Lost.

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