In 2020 I am teaching my military research webinars one final time. I have chosen to focus on other areas of the military and family story this year. If you would like to learn correct strategies and processes to research WWI, WWII, Korea or Vietnam, this is your last chance for LIVE training you’ll get nowhere else in the country.

Three Offers

Webinar Bundle: Finding the Answers: Exploring 20th Century Military Research Bundle. Purchase this webinar bundle and you can watch the first webinar now and you are automatically registered for the LIVE webinar, part 2 on 1 February 2020.

Webinar: Military Service in Context 1 February – Part 2 of the research process. This is for people who already purchased the 11 January Researching Individual Military Service webinar.…

Webinar: The Prisoners, The Missing & The Dead 15 February

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