Do you prefer to learn how to research WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam at home and at your own pace? Are you interested in learning how to heal your ancestral lineage? Are you interested in exploring issues and emotions in your family & military history around the themes of war, healing, religion, women’s themes, spirituality, family, stories, trauma, inherited trauma, racism, LGBTQI, caregiver issues, secrets, shame, guilt, PTSD, and many other topics that come from the book, my questions, and your experiences. We have just what you need.

Two websites which provide a different kind of education, online courses, webinars, master classes, writing groups, answers, and healing. Visit the Store in each site to learn more.

Finding the Answers Journey

Visit our Finding the Answers Journey website to learn more about the healing side of our business. Discover master classes, caregiving resources, inherited trauma, and more.

WWII Education Website

Visit our WWII Education website to discover our online courses, live webinars and recorded webinars. Learn more about the changes we have made to WWII Education in our articles.

Researching your service member’s history can be complex. The World War II Research and Writing Center provides expert research experts to tackle your most challenging research questions. Contact us at to schedule your free phone consultation to discuss project details and costs. We have researchers on-site at the National Archives facilities to obtain materials within a few weeks, and a network of researchers and tour guides around the globe.

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